The March – April 2018 CWL Publication Is Here!

Mika Domingo

Mika Domingo

Mika Domingo is the award-winning Managing Attorney of M.S. Domingo Law Group

If you haven’t seen it already, the March-April 2018 CWL Newsletter has been published!

The California Women Lawyers (CWL) Newsletter is published every few months and contains updates on CWL members, notifications of upcoming events, and interesting articles on issues that impact women today.

Congratulations to editors Amelia Burroughs (Janssen Malloy LLP) and Jodi Cleesattle (California Department of Justice) for doing such an amazing job with this newsletter!

Our very own Mika Domingo, Co-Chair of CWL’s Judicial Nominations Committee, contributed an article on the judicial application process, entitled “So You Want To Be A Judge, Part 2: Pathways to the State and Federal Bench“.  This article starts on page #46 of the newsletter, so be sure to check it out!

You can read the newsletter below:

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